Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jeff Albert and the NOLA Open Ears Music Series

Originally posted on April 8, 2008

Trombonist Jeff Albert has become an important force in post-catastrophe New Orleans, hosting a free-wheeling New Jazz series on Tuesday nights called Open Ears. If you are in NOLA you should check it out. If you can’t get there, he makes available free MP3 downloads of many of the evenings' proceedings on the Open Ears site.

Go to and follow the Open Ears link. The April 2 (2008) session is of special interest to guitarists, you who like those moments when Hendrix let loose a torrent of feedback. Cheers for Jeff to make this music available for free, and to organize these concerts in the first place. If you like what you hear, you might give a listen to the Lucky 7s CD that he is on. [12/3/09 Note: there are two now out, both very worthwhile.] It is a favorite of mine. And there’s also a killer Looneytunes Three Little Pigs cartoon on his Scratch My Brain blog that you will be sure to enjoy, I would think. Well, enough for today.


  1. I appreciate the repost. FYI the series is on Tuesday nights now.


  2. Thanks Jeff. I'll fix that. Someday I'll have to get down there and hear some of it in person!