Friday, March 19, 2010

A New One From Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Good songs, a solid guitar combo with a little thrash, lyrics that are intelligent apocalyptic chic, that's what Ted Leo and The Pharmacists give you with their new Brutalist Bricks (Matador) release (which came out last week). They've been touring to hone down the tunes and arrangements, and the results are well constructed.

Now would I personally make this music? No. That's just a question I ask whenever listening to something new, so I can get past any ingrained assumptions that effect my reception of the music. So what, if I would not personally make this music, if I could. So then is this music nevertheless worth hearing? Well, absolutely. It's a matter of tunes that have variety, immediacy and push. Brutalist Bricks comes through with all of that. They can play, the lead guitarist has some moments and the music drives in the best of the current indie rock ways of doing that. So then guess what? I recommend you listen to this one, if you want to know what's happening right now. The Pharmacists are happening. No prescription necessary.

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