Friday, August 13, 2010

Mats/Morgan's "The Music or the Money!"

Now I don't often put myself out on a limb, partly because we lost most of our trees in a violent storm here in Jersey last March. But I will say that the Mats/Morgan Band and their two-CD release The Music or the Money? (Rune 301/302) are so good it scares me. I mean, they are good, brothers and sisters.

The album was originally released by the band in 1997 as just a little something to distribute on gigs. It's now available to all and includes an additional 45 minutes of music recently recorded.

They have been positively influenced by the best of Frank Zappa's synclavier music, and there are parts that show this through madcap spacefunk meets Varesian encounters and that is a very cool listen. Then they have some parts where they jam as a trio, with the incredible drumming of Agren Morgan spurring Mats Oberg on to some dizzying improvising heights that go beyond what anybody who listens to "post-prog" has any right to expect. There are some moments that can act as an all-body dipilatory. It'll take your hair out by the roots. Then there are songs that have an irresistible quirkiness and show arranging prowess and melodic singularity.

My goodness, these folks have incredible chops but there is nothing cliche about it. The music sometimes goes by like a high-speed express bullet train, but it's not just fast, it's compositionally striking.

Anyone who follows the advanced rock world should not miss this one. Whoooo.

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