Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aimee Allen Sings "Winters and Mays"

Singers. Some get your attention by their artistry. Some don't. Aimee Allen did for me. She's well educated and is an attorney by day. At night she sings. Her new album Winters & Mays (Azuline Music no cat #) gives you plenty of music, her and a small group that includes Pete McCann and his tasty guitar work, among others.

Aimee's voice is poised, trained, has fine pitch placement and good use of vibrato, goes from a quiet, mellow lower range to some dramatic highs. The album covers some standards and she does a good job imprinting her personality on them. Then there are her originals and they are well put-together songs. Here she stands out from the pack while also being a kind of work in progress. Not every song is earth bending but the best are very good and I suspect this part of her talent is still growing. It's what will boost her above the countless good singers there are out there, I believe.

Meanwhile Winters & Mays is available for you to check out.

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