Monday, January 30, 2012

Alexis Parsons in Self-Titled Vocal Set with Pianist Frank Kimbrough

Alexis Parsons (Ellick Records) has put together a set of great standards not often performed, from Wilder's "Winter of My Discontent" (which seems quite appropriate for the season and feeling in late January) to Legrand's "You Must Believe in Spring," with some gems in between. She interprets them all with a concentrated attention to the lyric content--something not everyone does as well--and puts emphasis on the drama of musical diction. She has a nice voice, more inclined to anticipate and delay than to embellish and scat, and Frank Kimbrough's accompaniment is at most times beautifully appropriate.

The songs, the voice-piano interaction, the heart-felt, world weariness Ms. Parsons projects--all combine to make this a good experience.

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