Monday, June 3, 2013

Uwe Gronau, Visions

I normally steer clear of new age music, here and elsewhere. It's gotten a bad name for mostly good reasons as the MOR of today, easy listening with not always much musical content.

But when something strikes me as worthwhile, I don't care what it is called. Uwe Gronau does good music. His new one, Visions (self-released), is a fine example. Uwe writes the music, plays all the keys and except for a nice guitar appearance by Pete Sayer and some soprano sax by Matthias Keidel, does it all.

And it's good. Before new age there was of course prog rock--and this music is like a kind of prog minus the vocal songs in many ways. Approach it without expectations and you may find you have a place for it in your eartime. It is NOT vapid! It does what it does and does it rather well. And it is expansive in its aural palette. OK?

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