Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SORA, Scorpion Moon

The Canadian singer SORA has something very nice going on. Her voice is strong and very heartfelt, rangy and excellently nuanced. She sings a sort of folk-ethic, folk-rock faux-celtic new-age tinged contemporary prog music, maybe a present-day equivalent of the band Renaissance if you remember them. You can hear her and her backing musicians to good advantage on the album Scorpion Moon (Factor ASH201301).

The songs have strength and lyrical lift. The arrangements are very well-wrought. The vocals have great beauty. SORA is one of those singer-songwriters that doesn't come along often. If you like the idea of a lyrical, poetic archaism recalling as in a dream another earlier time, another unknown place, this will get to you nicely, I think!

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