Thursday, January 29, 2015

Marbin, The Third Set

If new fusion has a name, it is Marbin. Well, one of them anyway. The quartet returns in their latest, The Third Set (MoonJune 065). It is a gaggle of originals recorded live on location, ten songs at ten clubs throughout the midwest. They are on fire.

Dani Rabin plies the electric guitar, Danny Markovitch is on saxophones, Jusryn Lawrence gets on the drums and Jae Genrile plays electric bass. This is actually their fourth album, so I gather, their second on MoonJune. And it is a heater!

The key to it all is some hard-rocking fusion with a push and sixteenth notes flying away along with a centered drive that puts it all in place.

The third set as all club goers can understand is the one you stay for, where the band is loose and relaxed and can play to the house what it is they do well without constraint. That's what this album feels like. Dani Rabin plays some serious guitar here. Letting fly with speed but cranking with well-hit torque-soul, too. Markovitch stays with him with his own front-line indispensability. The rhythm team hits it hard and busy with charging-forward energy.

Rabin and Markovitch's Israeli roots come through now and again in good ways.

Otherwise this is a straightforward romp into metal fusionland that anyone who digs such things will appreciate. Guitarists will want to listen to Rabin especially. He is a stylist! But the music will get you regardless, I predict.

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