Monday, March 30, 2015

THEO, The Game of Ouroboros

If new prog floats your boat--especially something that does not look back so much as plows a new field out of post-new-wave--you should listen to THEO and their The Game of Ouroboros (BIGO2422/GENPRCD007). It is a band with good songs, pristine musicianship, and a very contemporary feel, especially in dealing with the automated realworld 1984 zone we live in.

The guitarist and keyboardist are very much a factor here, but the entire band comes at you in arranged flourishes that are not tacked-on to songs as much as they organically grow out of them. The vocals are strong, the music equally so. It is a band with rock torque that remains alive, contemporary yet still hard hitting.

The lyrics stand up to scrutiny in what they say about living in this world right now, yet the music carries you forward at the same time.

It is an album of real importance, I think. These guys do not have a single cliche in their bodies, so what we get is something truly new and quite innovative. The prog zone is not dead! THEO gives it new life.

Hear it repeatedly and you'll be there, too.

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