Friday, May 15, 2015

Elizabeth Shepherd, The Signal

The problem with categories is twofold: a)they are especially important on the internet, b)they do not do justice to truly innovative music. I think this as I contemplate and rehear the very memorable album The Signal (Linus 270197) by singer-songwriter keyboardist Elizabeth Shepherd.

These are primarily memorable original songs sung whispily and effectively by Elizabeth and arranged by her for a smallish band. Sometimes Lionel Loueke appears on electric guitar and does some nice things, but this is not a guitar album per se. So why post the review on this site? Because the quality of the music will appeal to the audience this blog attracts. It's not rock exactly, not funk exactly, not jazz exactly, but it is some excellent song-vocal amalgams.

This is not Elizabeth's first. You can read about an earlier album, also quite nice, by typing her name in the search box above.

She is very good, original in a contemporary, sensitive lyrically personal way. Listen!

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