Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Maxwell Gualtieri, For Los Angeles

It's time for a bit of very electric solo guitar from Maxwell Gualtieri, specifically his album For Los Angeles (pfMentum 088). This consists of two long segments that capitalize on extreme distortion, feedback, multiple effects and/or unconventional playing techniques for extended noise-pitch real-time extensions.

It may be a bit abrasive to those not into the extreme avant guitar realm. Some may run out of the room screaming, in fact, sometime shortly after they put it on. For those who dare, however, there is much to hear and experience.

What strikes me with this program is the sense of structure to be had among the chaotic noise walls. There is periodicity to be heard; there are recurring elements; there is a sense of total adventure in the complex sonic structures created.

And there is contrast. Part one, "A Dance," has noisy density; part two, "Possession/Blossom," is much quieter, more introspective, more concerned with delicate extended string manipulations and unconventional techniques, less concerned with effects masses.

I find it quite interesting. If you like a totally out sort of electric guitar, Maxwell Gualtieri has his own vision and adds to the possibilities in differing ways.

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