Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Eighty-Pound Pug, Speechless, Alex Lozupone Project

Eighty-pound Pug, guitarist Alex Lozupone's adventuresome foray into free-jazz avant-metal, gives us a sequel to When Flowers Bloomed in Baltimore (which I covered here last January--see index) with more bracing music I believe is from the same sessions, Speechless (Dog and Panda). It is a limited edition release.

Alex is on guitar-bass. Then there are some 14 other musicians, drums, keys and multiple reeds, who hold forth here at various points in various combinations. As with the last album Alex lays down some heavy metal riffing and the others join in for a free-for-all that in this case is all instrumental.

There is a definite style set of free plus metal that makes Eighty-pound Pug something most unusual and invigorating--and may take some getting used to if you have not heard them before. But once you do, there you are. It's tailor-made music for those who can embrace heavy electricity and avant freedom in the same frame.

I am glad to have this sequel. Whether you'll like Baltimore better or this one depends on whether you prefer vocals or instrumentals? I find both go together well. Alex is up to something and if you like adventure set off on the trail here!

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