Thursday, June 30, 2011

Base 3: Serious Space Jams On "Live From Planet Earth"

Base 3 kick up plenty of dust on their second CD, Live From Earth (1K 017), featuring two generous sets of very spacey music. Base 3 is Tim Motzer on baritone guitar, Barry Meehan, bass, and Doug Hirlinger at the drums.

This is impromptu psychedelia at its best. Doug's drums put solid footing underneath the cosmic ambiance. He sometimes gets into choppy staccato funk things that readily identify him as original. Barry's bass functions often as a second solo-space voice, more so than a full-time riff factory and that frees up the music considerably. Tim gets maximum stellar drive going with Floydish mother-ship aeronautics, high-sustain melodics, cosmic hammerings-on and musical sequences of high interest.

This is music to mellow into, then set sail for the heart of the sun. What's most impressive is how they can keep interest high with the things they come up with. They don't repeat themselves and they keep to a mood and develop it nicely over long stretches.

One of the best set of space jams I've heard in a long time. Recommended!

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