Monday, June 20, 2011

Seabrook Powerplant II Continues Where The First Volume Left Off!

The manic energy of Seabrook Powerplant is not of the ordinary sort. It is supercharged. Whether picking, plucking or bowing his tenor banjo, Brandon Seabrook usually goes for maximum velocity. On the first album the trio with Jared Seabrook on drums and Tom Blancarte on bass emphasized and reinforced the breakneck improvisations of Brandon. Seabrook Powerplant II (Loyal Label LLVL009-LP/LLCD009-CD) brings in more compositional elements and finds the group building lines, textures and speed blocks in more of a three-way collaboration.

They still have exultant moments of power thrash and it still sometimes sounds as if we are Waiting for the Robert E. Lee somewhere in hell, but you will not find anything like it out there, certainly not involving a tenor banjo (though he plays a bit of guitar as well). It's music of the edge. More importantly it is very well done. Anyone with a sense of adventure and an electric ethos should find him or herself responding to this one.

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