Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Andy Fite's "20 from '10" for his Swinging Guitar, Voice, and Singular Songs

Andy Fite is no ordinary musical fellow. And what is ordinary? Never mind that for now. He plays the acoustic (flat top?) guitar in the solid-four swing of Django's Hot Club or Al Casey of Fats Waller's must illustrious small group. He writes songs that somehow reflect David Frishberg, Fats and something just Andy.

His 20 From '10 (Other Street Music) gives you the 20 songs he penned last year. They are in a sort of tongue-in-cheek cabaret style and they address in a funny-sad way the little as well the big events in a relationship, his own Woody Allenesque insecurities, and life-political-cultural frustrations. It's unique and it's lots of fun. Is it for everybody? What is? You have to be comfortable with the ironic cabaret style, I would think.

He is one in a million, a songwriter of originality, a vocalist who performs his songs. . . like he wrote them (because, duh, he DID), and a guitarist who functions mostly in an accompanying role here, but does so with a good handle on what he wants to do.

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