Monday, August 22, 2011

Sarah Bernstein & Stuart Popejoy Go For A Big Sound on Iron Dog Field Recordings 1

Sara Bernstein embodies surprise. For example she teams up with bassist Stuart Popejoy and (for half the cuts) drummer Tommaso Cappellato in the series of live recordings from 2005-2006 we're taking a look at today. What's surprising about Iron Dog Field Recordings 1 (Iron Dog Music 001) is the kind of experimental metal approach. Sarah gets a big, electrified and sometimes distorted sound most of the time, as does Stuart.

It's not your everyday metal though. The notes, the wider melodic range, the improv approach (with or without the drums), all of this tends to put this in a league of its own. And it's also not always full-out, full-throttle electricity.

Whatever it is, you end up with the impression of being in the middle of some very original music. It has a drone aspect. It doesn't have a lot of harmonic movement, which is in keeping with the metal aspect.

This is a very interesting disk. It gives you yet another side of Sarah Bernstein the artist. And it will defy your expectations while providing some thought-provoking voltage readings.

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