Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mark Lanegan Band, Blues Funeral

Mark Lanegan was the guitarist with Screaming Trees. He comes up with his first new album since 2004 in Blues Funeral (4AD) and it has a kind of industrial-meets-hard-psych-bluesy combination that's different.

He's doing actual songs in this vein, not just a couple of riffs and a hook or two as some artists seem to think sufficient nowadays. The arrangements bring out the sort of heavy effects-loaded guitar work surrounded by a little empty space that allows the beat to come across and then wall-of-sound moments come in and out as well.

It's not what I expected but it also is quite a reasonably good effort that bears lots of listening without tedium. His voice gets a nice burr to it and there's that big guitar. So what's not to like?


  1. i think blues funeral is a great name for an album. can you post any of the tracks from it? great post keep up the hard work. check these out IStillGotMyGuitar

  2. Thanks Simon G. If you head over to the 4AD site I suspect you will find excerpts and such to check out. Amazon often posts excerpts too.

    Thanks again for your comment,