Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trio Caveat, Introspective Athletics; Josh Sinton, Pine Barren

Something different this morning: the Trio Caveat and their Introspective Athletics and Josh Sinton's Pine Barren (Engine 044) grouped together on one split release.

The trio consists of James Ilgenfritz, bass, Chris Welcome, guitar, and Jonathan Moritz on saxophones. It's an interesting free trio date with thoughtful interactions among the three. Chris Welcome's guitar alone is worth hearing for his flow of ideas. All three get something going that is not so much frenetic as it is abstract, in the new music sort of freeness mode.

Josh Sinton's solo spot on baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, and contrabass clarinet has a sense of space and structure. He has good control and good ideas, a kind of AACM-like attention to saying something with sound and form. The last piece is an interesting overdubbed sax ensemble that has a nice quasi-African riff feel.

This may not be an essential offering but it does give you two worthy albums of new avant music on one disk. The music has charms! Support small labels and up-and-coming improvisers. Buy this disk!

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