Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fred Fried and Core, Core Bacharach

I've covered quite a few Fred Fried albums here and in Cadence over the years. And today I am back with another one. Another good one.

Core Bacharach (Ballet Tree) is Fred's Core Trio running through some Burt Bacharach gems. Fred has good company, tight and articulate, in Michael Lavoie, bass, and Miki Matsuki, drums. They have plenty to do with the musical success of Core. But of course it is Fred Fried and his eight-string nylon acoustic that makes it all magical.

Fred comes through with those beautiful voicings and really artful rubato renditions of the familiar melodies--and his soloing makes you want to hear more. Thankfully there are 65 minutes of music on this disk so you get a goodly portion.

Maestro Fried has his own beautiful touch and articulation. He is certainly one of the masters of the nylon string these days.

This may be his very best. In any event you'll want to hear it, and I am confident that it will bring you much pleasure.


  1. Grego- thanks for the wonderful review. We put a lot of work into it so your comments are much appreciated. Best- Fred.

  2. Fred--

    Your trio and your playing is what makes my endeavors worthwhile. Beautiful disk--"Wives and Lovers" I grew up hearing, but with you it makes a new sense to me!