Wednesday, January 22, 2014

George Cotsirilos Trio, Variations

In the zone of mainstream, there are a fair number of guitar voices out there. I get quite a few to audition and I am glad for that. But I cannot cover all of them, of course. Today's guitarist belongs here because his chordal sense is very fine. He also writes some good vehicles for his trio. This is the George Cotsirilos Trio's third release, Variations (OA2 22104).

It features George and the bass-drum team of Robb Fisher and Ron Marabuto, good players for this intimate session, which keeps the swinging going throughout.

The Cotsirilos single-line solo way is not entirely the notes you might expect. He seems more confident in the chordal solo mode but either way he is up to something good, not something simply reworked from the classic past. So listen and hear another way to do it all.

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