Monday, June 16, 2014

Raoul Björkenheim / eCsTaSy

Guitarist-composer Raoul Bjorkenheim has a new group, eCsTaSy, and their self-titled album has been out for a few months (on Cuneiform). Pauli Lyytinen, saxes, Jori Huhtala, acoustic bass, Markku Ounaskari, drums, are the fellow Finns in this outfit and they come at you with a heady mix of open free jazz and psychedelia--or if you like, avant jazz-rock.

Bjorkenheim (who started out with Edward Vesala's band) gives you his dynamic, sonically expanded full-frontal attack and all three others of the band have a kick and flourish to their playing that make them a very good match.

It's a matter of serious avant soundings and original frameworks for smart and out blowing. Bjorkenheim and company come through strongly here. All fans of electric exploratory outness I suspect will find this a compelling set.


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