Monday, June 2, 2014

Sara Serpa & Andre Matos, Primavera

Sara Serpa, a vocalist to contend with (preposition ending notwithstanding). We've covered a solo album of hers (a post here on December 20, 2011), a duet with Ran Blake (covered on the Gapplegate Music Blog on February 11, 2013), and as a part of the music of Asuka Kakitani (same, March 23, 2013).

Now we enjoy her collaboration with guitarist Andre Matos, Primavera (Inner Circle Music 039). The saudade of Portuguese music means we get a kind of lyricism that has a slightly reflective, sad tinge. It's something you feel listening. You don't have to know Portuguese if you know. This is a set redolent with the Portuguese ethos, and it suits Sara's vocal sweet-deepness well. Essentially here Sara gives us wordless and word-ful vocals plus some electric and acoustic piano. Andre Matos gives us plenty of guitar and electric bass. There is some multiple-tracking to get a full band sound. They are joined by guests Greg Osby, Leo Genovese and Pete Rende for selected cuts, to flesh out the sound a bit now and again.

There are a bunch of very mellifluous Matos tunes and a couple of choice ones by Ms. Serpa. They shine with lyrical beauty and movement. Then there's one goodie by Blake and Jeanne Lee, and a beautiful Portuguese ballad by Guillermo Klein.

It's a subtle, captivating, nicely served-up music with that touch of longing that's great for spring (summer, fall, winter). It shows the very strong musicality of both artists in a very captivating light. It feels good to listen!!

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