Friday, April 22, 2016

Fernando Huergo, Hashtag

Fernando Huergo is a talented, well grounded five-string electric bassist, composer and bandleader who steps out with a nicely done quintet date of fused Latin-tinged jazz, Hashtag (Zoho 201604).

He is joined by a two-"horn" front line in Yulia Musayelyan on flute and Rick DiMuzio on tenor, both nicely put together with pertinent solos and a projectingly blended compositional twosome. Leo Genovese plays piano and electric piano and has an effective solo presence as well. Franco Pinna straddles the various stylistic parameters with finesse and power as needed.

About half of the pieces are Huergo originals, nicely spun out; the other half are arrangements of some classic Monk ("Evidence"), Shorter ("Infant Eyes"), Mongo ("Afro Blue") and Strayhorn ("U.M.M.G."), generally given a nicely inflected Latin-fuse treatment.

Throughout you bass aficionados get plenty of Huergo's fine bass playing, both solo and in ensemble. He is a player who rewards close attention!

Well and so you will also find this album worthy of your ears in the wider sense. Good players, good material, lots of interesting twists and turns. Thanks to Fernando!

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