Friday, April 15, 2016

Johnny Winter with Dr. John, Live in Sweden 1987, DVD or CD

Perhaps the very best Johnny Winter is what he did on his first records back in the late '60s-early '70s. But that doesn't mean he did not hit some beautiful heights later on. An example is ready-to-hand when he and his trio were on display in a studio avec sympathetic crowd for a tv special, now available as a DVD or CD: Live in Sweden 1987 (MVD Visual 8127D, MVD Audio 8128). It is an hour of rousing music with the trio and then joined by the irrepressible Dr. John on piano and vocals. The DVD has one bonus cut of an earlier video not part of the show.

John Paris on bass and harmonica and Tom Compton on drums lay down a very solid foundation while Johnny gives us some excellent guitar work as only he could quite do, and those great vocals. Dr. John gives us his inimitable vocals and piano in top form from midway through on.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" is a highly charged finale, but all the tunes are right in the pocket and bluesy-rocky with plenty of all you might want from both Johnny and the good Doctor.

The sound quality is first-rate and the visuals capture the excitement of the set well.

If you love Johnny, this one is probably a must. And of course Dr. John fans will dig this, too. If you want some up and going blues rock this one is a winner on all counts. It reminds us how much we lost when Johnny left us. Give it a go, for sure.

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