Thursday, September 1, 2016

Burnt Belief, Emergent

Burnt Belief is a trio with a large, advanced, sophisticated prog rock compositional approach. They release the final part of a trilogy on Emergent (Hard World CD HDCD012). It has that spooky sort of fullness of sound that has something to do with Porcupine Tree bassist-programmer Colin Edwin.

But then Jon Durant sounds great on both electric guitars and keys. And Vinny Sabatino does a great job in the drums-percussion department.

Durant and Edwin are the composers for the duration of this fine album.

There is an unworldly sound to this band that gradually works its way into your soul. Edwin plays a memorable bass throughout And the uncanny guitar-keys blend will set your ears off, truly.

I recommend this to you who seek the latest in prog futurism! And to you who don't know what that means, too.

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