Friday, September 16, 2016

Joe Morris, Shock Axis

Avant pacesetter Joe Morris takes us further out in a power trio, psychedelic free zone with his recent Power Axis (Relative Pitch 1050). It is Joe on a very electric guitar pulling out all the stops in company with an excellent trio in tandem with Chris Cretella on electric bass and Dave Parmelee on drums.

It's a full-out assault on the senses with maximum energy, motility, movement and NASA grade thrust.

Joe cranks it and lets loose with those torrents of his, but with the psychedelic power decibility it awes your sonic senses even more than is the norm. Cretella follows in the outward path with bass power and lines that compliment Joe's excellently. Parmelee is drumming full-out in that space between freetime and power rock.

This is a performance not to be missed, with plenty of variability and projective out melodics. Joe seems to have jumped over a hurdle lately and is playing with a controlled abandon even more dramatic than one expects from him, placing him at the top of the free guitar heap as he has been for some time, but doing so in ways that the heavy avant metal aficionados out there will most definitely take to heart.

Excellent heavy outness! Joe and trio are on a roll and it is a pleasure to hear them in such an inspired mode!

Recommended heartily!

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