Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chemist by the Necks

Originally posted on October 30, 2007

Ever heard The Necks? Who? No, The Necks. They are an Australian band, a trio, and they play mesmerizing music. If you’re looking for something that feels like it’s déjà vu all over again, that is in a minimalist mode without vocals, that’s trance like without the disco or excessive cheesy electronics and the same old drum machine beats, these musicians will give you something refreshingly different along those lines. They consist of a keyboard player, a bassist, a drummer, and at least one doubles on guitar. Their music partakes of jazz and rock without giving you a song form or a head-solos-head format. It is a unique sound and puts you someplace nice.

The one I am listening to is called Chemist and it is a CD on the New Necks label. I believe it is an Australian import.

Tomorrow, maybe some spooky music to mark the day?

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