Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Future of Rock Guitar; Stone Temple Pilots

Originally posted on February 4, 2008

Not everything electric is good, obviously, in spite of Thomas Edison and his wonderful light bulb. That bulb is soon to disappear, but the electric guitar and electric bass show no signs of extinction. In fact, even at this moment there are those who are perfecting the art of playing; ever since Charlie Christian first plugged in that has been true. I jammed with my brother-in-law and my 7th grade nephew yesterday and I was amazed at how far the latter had come. With young people like him the future of electricity and the music it makes possible look to be in good hands.

I never had the chance to check out Stone Temple Pilots until recently. (I don’t much listen to the radio anymore, so I can be isolated from certain immediate happenings sometimes.) I got a hold of their compilation Thank You (Atlantic) and find much to like. There is some of the melodic angst of a Kurt Cobain, memorable songs, and plenty of electricity.

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