Wednesday, December 2, 2009

German Prog Rock from Dzyan, 1974

Originally posted on April 4, 2008

In 1974 German progressive rock-fusion trio Dzyan recorded their third album, Electric Silence (Bellaphon). The lineup was Eddy Maron on guitar, Reinhard Karwatky on bass and Peter Giger on drums. And the group also played sitar and mellotron (not sure who on what). The album is a real sleeper, in that perhaps many have passed it by. The program is a heady mix of spacey Mahavishnu-type jams and forays into psychedelia and ambient music.

My friend gave me a blindfold test on this one and I was miffed! It sounded seventies-ish but it also could have been made today. There is an ethnic-Indian component to the rock assault that sounds as interesting today as it must have then. Like a good pair of sneakers you’ve worn until they are soft and reassuring, this music feels comfortable to me. There are three other disks released in the '70s by the group that I would imagine are worth checking out as well, but I do not know!

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