Friday, June 2, 2017

Ape Shifter

Ape Shifter (Maximum Booking/Brainstorm Records BS0401639) is the brainchild of guitarist Jeff Aug, who wrote the 11 catchy instrumentals on the record. He is joined in a worthy power trio configuration by Kurty Munch on drums and Florian Walter on bass. It looks like this band is based in Germany.

This is hard-rock quasi-metal that gives a nod to the rootedness of the music--Zep and such. And the more contemporary influence of things like Van Halen. Jeff plays a very solid power-chord centered guitar. Kurty and Florian come through with the heft that is needed.

It is a thorough hoot. Well played. If you like a good power trio that can and does crank it, here you go!

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