Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Filipe Felizardo, Guitar Soli for the Moa and the Frog

Unaccompanied electric guitar recitals on disk occur less frequently than one might expect. Compared to solo piano excursions, for example, they are relatively rare. So those that come along generally get my attention, assuming I get access and such.

Today we have one, Filipe Felizardo's Guitar Soli for the Moa and the Frog (Shhpuma 001 CD). Felizardo was not familiar to me previous to this disk, but I am glad I've connected.

This is a moody, spacious, zen-like venture into atmospheric tones and the silence that surrounds them. The first six segments come together as a bluesy statement of some power. Track seven changes the mood to an acoustic jaunt with the guitar sounding like an oud. The final track returns as a kind of coda to the initial foray.

It's not a get-your-yayas exercise in technical wizardry we have here. What it is is music, and a good go of it at that. It is contemplative. It enriches the time you spend listening to it. That's a good thing these days.

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