Monday, February 16, 2015

Grand Fatilla, Global Shuffle

Grand Fatilla is a quartet the likes of which you've never quite heard before. On their Global Shuffle (Grand Fatilla Records) they create a kind of pan-world music that takes on convincingly Greek, Italian, Baltic, Mideastern, South Asian, Northern African and Brazilian elements combined for a virtuoso, odd-tempoed, very swinging set of pieces.

The musicianship is strong. Grand Fatilla is Roberto Cassan on accordion, Matt Glover on electric mandolin, Fabio Pirozzolo on percussion and vocals and Mike Rivard on double bass and sintir. They take on originals, traditional melodies, a piece by Piazzolla, and a couple by Hermeto Pascoal, including a very nice arrangement of the seminal "Little Church," which some will remember from a version on Miles Davis' Live-Evil.

This is rousing virtuoso "world" music in a progressive mode. Accordion and mandolin get some finger twisting lines that take the breath away. But it's all good. It reminds you that fusion bands did not invent the asymmetrical strings of quick, complicated line-weaving. But then these folks are like a chamber world-fusion outfit, too. So it all comes together.

If you are into a lively adventure about what a group of talented instrumentalists can make of the world, this one will get to you and fast! Very recommended.

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