Friday, February 6, 2015

Lucky Peterson, I'm Back Again

Take a groovy, very together, rocking blues outfit and then drop guitarist-singer Lucky Peterson in as the front man, get them live on stage and you really have something if the night is right. That's what you get on Lucky Peterson's album I'm Back Again (Music Blues 250357),

Lucky has the vocal soul of the very best, a gospel-tinged readiness to belt out the lines with all the detail of a master. He plays some damned fine guitar and doubles on Hammond very credibly, too.

And this album has that special live togetherness that the best blues artists have--the ability to get an audience totally into his court. And he does just that here.

This is the rocking blues with a heavy dose of soul. He has a guitar style that screams, cries, and bends with the best of them. And it's no accident that he quotes Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile" and "Third Stone from the Sun" towards the end of the concert, because his electricity is informed by that sound at times, but always firmly with the blues kind of testifying.

This one is a hoot. 100% soul from a master.

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