Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lisa Mezzacappa, avantNOIR

Lisa Mezzacappa is a formidable avant jazz acoustic bassist and composer. She is someone with a good idea of where she is going, as you can hear from her latest CD avantNOIR (Clean Feed 401 CD).

This is avant jazz that reflects the black and white noir sensibility through eight interconnected numbers that give us an Asphalt Jungle sort of musical narrative. Lisa on bass, Aaron Bennett on tenor, William Winant on vibes and percussion, Tim Perkis on electronics and Jordan Glenn on drums give characteristic voice to the charts and solo well as needed.

The compositions are out front, but then the solos are inextricable from the finished result. Lisa sounds great on bass, John has a good out feel on guitar, but then Aaron's tenor is pivotal to the ensemble as is William's vibes.

Of course John Zorn has something to do with the noir jazz uprising and you can hear his influence here. Ultimately, though, it all steps forward nicely into Mezzacappa territory.

Mezzacappa gives us richly constructed music that leaves us with a very modern take on NOIR sensibility.

A good one! Very recommended.

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