Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Velkro, Too Lazy to Panic

Put Velkro's album Too Lazy to Panic (Clean Feed 404) on and within seconds you enter a universe of sound made riveting by guitarist Stephan Meidell's rich feedback-laced sound along with its more pure-toned counterpart. Then drummer Luis Candelas gets your ear with his rich, rock dense but free pulsating drumming. Finally we note saxman Bostjan Simon strong entrance on sax.

From that point on we take a ride into extraordinarily attractive outside, electronically rich hybrids of psychedelia and free jazz. It's an album that got me to mutter "wow" from the first hearing on.

Guitar pioneering fans will no doubt take to Meidell's hugely sensitive feel for sound and attack. It is something you cannot miss. But then the trio moves forward continuously into fascinating and (for me) riveting zones, intricate and strong, bracing and exciting.

I reviewed and appreciated their earlier Don't Wait for the Revolution on these pages. Type "Velkro" into the search box above for that.

This music travels far beyond ordinary words and must be listened to more than talked about.

I am in a very happy place hearing this album. You with a sense of adventure will no doubt feel the same way if you give this one a chance.

A real discovery! Get this platter onto your system as soon as you can--and feel it.

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