Monday, March 6, 2017

Trevor Giancola Trio, Fundamental

From Toronto we have a hard-swinging, line-creating contemporary outing from guitarist Trevor Giancola and his very together trio, in an album dubbed Fundamental (self-released).

Trevor and his companions Neil Swainson on bass and Adam Arruda on drums give us a beautiful set of originals, standards and some deserving jazz composition chestnuts (Elmo Hope's "La Berthe" and "De Dah," Joe Henderson's "Punjab," etc.).

It's a fully enabled trio, which means that bassist and drummer not only swing forward greatly but contribute worthy soloing as well.

Giancola has a lining knack and a very nice harmonic sense. The changes underneath go by effortlessly in the hands of Trevor and the trio.

Here's a tasteful and important new voice on the guitar. The trio makes it all a joy!!

Hear this!

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