Friday, March 3, 2017

Obake, Draugr

We heard some nice guitar confluence a while back from Eraldo Bernocchi and Prakash Sontaake (see my posting from November 23 of last year). Now Bernocchi returns as part of the hard rocking prog-avant outfit Obake. Their album Draugr (Rarenoise CD or vinyl 34849) has much about it that I like, especially in its refusal to cave to formula, something far too many, possibly untalented bands can do these days. Not Obake.

The band is Bernocchi on very electric guitar and electronics, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (LEF) on very respectable vocals and electronics, Colin Edwin on electric bass and Jacopo Pierazzuoli on drums.

This is super-heavy stuff with riffs but a pronounced tendency compositionally to meld it all together in creative ways. Bernocchi can get very out there in space and that makes for some very nice moments. And they get that very big spaced-out sound that roars at you with a nice hugeness.

Now will everybody that reads this take readily to the music? Possibly not, but my job is to thrust forward interesting musics that the adventurous ear might find as absorbing as mine does.

So if you are in the mood for led-heavy astronautics, by all means check this one out!


  1. Awesome post !! I read your article first time its informative. I love obake draugr gapplegate guitar.

  2. Thanks, Guitar Lover,

    Yes, this is some band!