Friday, February 10, 2012

Esben & the Witch, Hexagons EP, 2011

What about some new music in the alt-indie-rock mode? Esben & the Witch's EP Hexagons (Matador) came out late last year and it's nicely spooky and out there in its own way. The group is Daniel Copman and Thomas Fisher on guitars and synths, and Rachel Davies on bass and spooky vocals.

These are cavernous-ceilinged songs with some electronic ambiance and a bit of heaviness. Rachel's voice has a Little-Red-Riding-Hood-lost-in-the-woods plaintiveness that is intriguing. I read that this EP closely approximates the band's live sound. If so they must be well worth catching.

For now though, this EP has "catch" written on it in itself.

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