Friday, December 26, 2014

Ananda Gari, T-Duality with Rez Abbasi, Tim Berne, Michael Formanek

Ananda Gari, Tim Berne, Rez Abbasi, Michael Formanek...on drums and compositions, alto, electric guitar and contrabass, respectively. Turns out, perhaps not surprisingly, that this is one potent gathering, as heard on Gari's recent album T-Duality (Auand).

This is open-ended, compositionally framed jazz of a high order, with excellent blowing from all concerned. The compositions are hip, ultra-modern sorts of things that point the players outward.

Gari's drumming is right there in free and straight-eight mode, Tim Berne gives us that acerbic heat for which he is so well known, Michael Formanek does on bass some very superior anchoring and free-wheeled tightrope balancing. And Rez Abbasi gives us some of his best playing on electric. He is on a roll lately and that means you are hearing some marvelous lining that is both fleet and smart. He matches Tim, who is also at his best, in the fired-up out-bop sense.

This is blowing and composition, group interplay and solo presence that will all put you on a cloud nine of appreciation.


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