Monday, December 5, 2011

Elisabeth Lohninger Band, Christmas in July

Some of us are particular about the holiday/Christmas music we play over the season. Sick of the Bings, Nats, Mannheimers, or whatever is standard fare? If so you might find the Elisabeth Lohninger Band's Christmas in July (Jazz Sick 11708) to your taste. Elisabeth has a good voice and it has a jazz inflection to it, really rather good. She is joined by guitar-piano-bass-drums and they can do solos, swing and accompany with style and grace.

What's especially interesting is the song choice. These are Christmas songs from all around the world, most of which you probably never heard before, except for a USA selection, "A Christmas Song," which of course you do know, don't you? Then "Silent Night" is the one from Austria. Otherwise there are songs from Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, France, Denmark, etc., probably unfamiliar to you.

So you get 12 songs and not the same-old, mostly. They are done well. Something different!

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