Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bill Gable, No Straight Lines

If I have not heard singer-songwriter-classical-nylon-guitarist Bill Gable prior to the album at hand it only means our paths have not crossed until now; it is not because his art is unworthy. His music is beyond category, jazzish, lyrical, melodically memorable, with appropriate, sophisticated guitar accompaniment. There is often enough a Latin-Brazilian tinge to this music, so that if this were a Brazilian artist singing in Portuguese it would not feel out-of-place. There is a good bit of saudade in the lyrics, even.

I speak of his album No Straight Lines (Autograph 502). It puts Bill, his voice and guitar front and center, with appropriate accompaniment on piano (Larry Goldings), acoustic bass, percussion and some selected additions, flugelhorn (Arturo Solar), folk instruments and etc., all quite fitting and appropriate.

He is a guitarist of good taste and artistry, and he brings in some soloists like Ethan Margolis in a flamenco style every so often to add to it all.

His voice is very lyrically oriented, straightforward and musical. The songs are strong.

It showcases Gable's talent and artistry extremely well. These are songs others might well cover, though his way with them are so much a part of the package that other versions would remind you what he brings to it all.

Bill Gable is a talent! You wont forget this one if you listen a few times. Excellent!

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