Tuesday, May 19, 2015

District 97 with John Wetton, One More Red Night, Live in Chicago

John Wetton along with Greg Lake, both an integral part of King Crimson incarnations, were and still are important prog rock vocalists. They can be counted among the handful of style-setters in the prog realm. They also wrote and separately co-wrote some great songs. Today we have Wetton as lead vocalist with the band District 97 in a live set from Chicago. They do some interesting remakes of songs associated with King Crimson and so the album is appropriately called One More Red Night (Primary Purpose 002).

The band is tight with Leslie Hunt sounding well as second lead vocalist, Jim Tashjian on guitar managing NOT to sound too Frippian, and some very good additional band members.

They get interesting versions of "One More Red Nightmare," "Fallen Angel," "Starless," etc.

If you are a Crimson/Wetton completist you will find this one a valuable addition. I found it all good listening, though the two-CD reissue of Wetton and Richard Palmer-Jones, Jack-Knife/Monkey Business seems a little more adventuresome, especially the second volume. I reviewed that here this past February 27, 2015.

Plenty of good music on this one, anyway.

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