Thursday, September 10, 2015

Daniel Barbiero, Cristiano Bocci, Vootos

Today we consider an unusual and interesting offering, a series of eight electroacoustic works born of some accomplished and original acoustic bass solos by Daniel Barbiero and their deft electronic manipulation and transformation by sound artist Cristiano Bocci. Vootos (self-released) (Greek for "returning home") is the result.

The project was accomplished via long-distance, by audio files traveling back and forth via the internet, with Barbiero in the USA creating foundational bass solos that Bocci received in Italy and constructed/deconstructed into soundscapes. One piece involves a bass duet with Barbiero on double bass and Bocci on six-string electric bass.

All that having been said, what matters ultimately of course is that Daniel creates intrinsically interesting arco and pizzicato bass source sounds that Cristiano re-narrates into an ambient flow sequence--a set of open, multi-part, always sonically provocative electroacoustic poems, a contrabass ensemble in space, so to say.

The music works well in creating a contrabass orchestra/chamber ensemble of sounds that have vivid sound-color-timbral singularities.

Those who eschew electronic manipulation may not appreciate such music on principal. But those who open themselves to the possibilities that lie outside real-time reality will find this very well done and musically alive, and increasingly interesting the more one hears it.

Recommended for sure!

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