Thursday, November 12, 2015

Badi Assad, Hatched

Last April 23, 2014, I reviewed and recommended an album by Badi Assad, the Brazilian singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist. Today I am back a year-and-a-half later with a new one by her, Hatched (QuatroVentos AA0001000). What changes in life we have experienced in that time disappear when listening to Badi, her songs, her depth, her playing, her voice.

It's Badi and her guitar in a small trio ensemble expanded at times with guests. The music has a post-samba groove to it that her nicely done guitar playing forwards, her voice affirms and the band reinforces. There is saudade to be felt in the music, surely, but a forward-moving hope, too.

Her songs are a major strength that go hand-in-hand with their vocalization and the guitar foundation that is so much a part of her presence.

This is music that makes you unhappy to be glad, glad to be unhappy, and happy to be happy, if I can get my feelings on her music across here. It is some really fine artistry and you should not miss it.

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