Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ciro Hurtado, Selva

From Peru we have a new album by guitarist Ciro Hurtado and his ensemble, simply entitled Selva (self released). It is a series of very attractive Hurtado originals based on Latin American folk traditions and world influences.

The ensemble has strong traditional roots in its deft combinations of Spanish guitars, accordion, cajon, violin, bass, flute and Peruvian flute, and etc.

There are some beautiful vocals by Nelly Cortez, Suemy Gonzalez, Stephanie Amaro (Trio Ellas), Cindy Harding, and others. There is some interactions with Indian music, notably the Indian Classical vocals of Charanraj MR on one song, and that is remarkable as well.

What stands out is understandably the considerable artistry of Hurtado, but also the beautiful memorability of the songs, especially the ones with vocals/lyrics, and the eclectically authentic yet contemporary ring of the arrangements.

This is music that will perhaps haunt you. The few people who have heard this album as I was listening, non-specialists whatever that means, have invariably praised it. And that's because its lyric beauty crosses borders and speaks directly to the inner musical self.

Truly fine is this. Some songs will stay with you; all of it will appeal to those who respond to very fine guitar artistry, ensemble singularity, beautiful melodies and strong vocals.


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