Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Security Project Live 1

Security Project is a powerful group devoted to re-exploring the music of Peter Gabriel. Live 1 (7D Media) takes some of the best performances from their tour of Europe in February-March of last year.

Brian Cummins does the lead vocals and somehow manages to sound like Peter without not sounding like himself, if you can grab onto that. His is a voice of distinction and power. Drum ace Jerry Marotta kicks up some heat and does backing vocals. David Jameson is on keyboards and eigenharp. Then there is the formidable string section of Trey Gunn on touch guitar and Michael Cozzi on electric six-string guitar. They do much to make this live remaking special, as does David on his synth parts.

If you dig Peter Gabriel the music will cover all the reasons you do, with very familiar and excellent songs redone with some hard-hitting bite.

I found myself responding to this one and as I listen again while typing up my short blurb I feel that way once more. He was one of the brightest lights of '80s-'90s prog after all. And this refashioning keeps the magic alive. Recommended.

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