Friday, July 29, 2016

Ken Hatfield, 12 Preludes for Solo Guitar, CD and Book Set

Ken Hatfield brings to us lyrical joy in his 12 Preludes for Solo Guitar (Arthur Circle Music, book and CD set). He has been one to straddle the fence between jazz and classical worlds, and this set of preludes has a delightful directness that does show some of those mixed roots. Yet it is all well combined so you do not feel the pull of either way on the melodic-harmonic results.

The book gives you the complete set of preludes and the recommended fingerings. The music is no doubt hard to play as well as Ken does on the CD, yet with intensive woodshedding these can be mastered by those without a great deal of technical preparation, I would think.

They are so attractive I am tempted to get my dusty old classical guitar out of its box (we just moved) and learn a few.

This is marvelous music!

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