Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gaudi, EP

Today's very enthralling program may not be a guitar showcase, does have some fine playing on bass by Colin Edwin or Bill Laswell and Lorenzo Feliciati, and some nice guitar from Eraldo Bernocchi, but is primarily a two-number soundscape of very attractive space-rock. Gaudi is the leader and composer here, on synths, programming and theremin. The album is simply titled EP (rarenoise 10" lp and download).

"30 Hz Dub Prelude" and "Electronic Impromptu in E-flat minor" are each filled with a big sound and nicely realized musical content. Together they fill out the 15 minutes or so of the EP. The ensembles include also Ted Parsons or Steve Jansen on drums, Brian Allen on trombone (for the first piece), Coppรจ providing voice (for the first piece), Alessandro Gwis on piano (for the second) and the inimitable Merzbow on noise and power electronics.

The immanence (or "everywhereness") of the music is out front and stunning. Each work creates a cosmic universe that will boost your mood and put you in a very nice zone. Music like this must be done well to avoid the merely pleasant or new age, and Gaudi puts much care and heftiness into the mix to give us something far from banal.

I am very much into this slab of sound. I recommend it to you heartily.

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