Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fastway, Eat Dog Eat

If you know the rock unit Fastway, you will be happy to hear that their first studio since 1990 is out. If you don't you wont care I suppose. But beyond this fact, Fastway's Eat Dog Eat (MVD 5317A) has such a nicely solid hard-rock (as opposed to metal) immediacy that you might find yourself wondering about the last one if you hear this one a few times.

That is, if you dig the big guitar-bass-drum and traditional hard vocal sound. This one has it. Power chords, riffs, smacking drums, hard-rock song form.

It's what it is, of course. But that's a good thing. Fastway isn't trying to put one over on you. It's honest, real, itself. Rock isn't dead. This is an example why.

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