Thursday, July 12, 2012

Greg Baker, Subversion

Greg Baker is a very versatile, very accomplished guitarist. We have met with his playing on Gapplegate blogs in association with the composer Gene Pritzker, most spectacularly on an album Greg made of Pritsker's solo guitar music, reviewed on these pages on November 29, 2010.

Greg has a new one out, Subversion (Composers Concordance 008). It's rather different than his earlier recording, in that it is a multi-tracked guitars, bass, beats affair in a prog rock-avant-bag. It shows Greg in a more multi-layered kind of post-Beefheart/post-League of Crafty Guitarists mode with electric and acoustic instruments separately and in combination.

Guitarists and their friends will certainly have much to appreciate here. He is well along the way to his own contrapuntal kind of art-rock.

Give it a listen and you will find some surprising juxtapositions and very interesting guitar work.

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